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Lucy Evans

Consultancy Ltd

Lucy Evans

"Delivering the future"

Lucy Evans Consultancy Ltd offers the support and guidance to help with “Delivering the Future", by helping your company realise its true potential. If you are looking to expand your range, launch new products, develop your existing business or generally save money, but are not sure how to go about it, or do not have enough capacity within your current team, contact us and we can help you achieve your goals.

Lucy is a passionate foodie who has always known her heart belongs to food! For the past 15 years, she has worked in the industry, both for a retailer and in manufacturing, covering a very broad range of product categories and sectors. Over her career, she has worked in NPD, Marketing, Project Management and Commercial, bringing a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of the FMCG product life cycle.


Sally is an associate of LEC. She has worked independently for over ten years, specialising in optimising business opportunities by focusing on strategic business planning, people, and performance management and accountability. Her background as a senior retail buying and procurement professional ensures Sally is confident of adding immediate “£” value to your business, by improving your current terms and contracts.

Ideas Generation
Making it Happen
Following it Through

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Investing for the Future
Saving you Money


"Lucy has a unique understanding of what retailers are looking for....

She interacts well with buying and marketing teams, who value both her commercial acumen, as well as her category management skills. She brings a direct and objective approach to all her recommendations, which over time have earned her both respect and trust with customers.

Being a passionate foodie, Lucy has a great flair for product development, is full of ideas, is quick to interpret market data, and is happy to get 'stuck in' to help bring products to market."

Sally Chew / Director -  Sally Chew Ltd

"I have employed Lucy twice now – once on the retail side in a product development position, and also in a marketing role, for a chilled manufacturing business.

She is a highly credible individual, who enjoys “making things happen”, and following “them” through to ensure they deliver their potential.She brings a positive and professional approach, is reliable and trustworthy, and is always fully committed to the job in hand.

Should you decide to take her on, Lucy will become an invaluable asset for your business."

"Having worked with Lucy for a number of years at Parkam and Freshway Foods, I found her to be a valuable asset to both businesses by providing positive in-depth category insight solutions that enable the commercial teams to develop business growth. Lucy's logical thinking and excellent presentation skills make her a key player in the customer facing team."

Russel Eley / Account Director - Fresh Food Manufacturing

Martin Fogel / Account Director - Fresh Food Manufacturing

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